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SKIN - Arttu Lähdeniemi / Jukka Toivonen - Arctic Lapland Rally 2021 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

Hello!  Finally got motivation to finish this skin I've had 95% ready for the last two months. It is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X of Arttu Lähdeniemi from the Arctic Rally earlier this year.  The rally started for him with a SM2 class 8th place in Aittajärvi. Unfortunately the pair got into technical issues after that so they had to retire for the day.  On the second day of rallying they were on 5th-9th positions in the class gaining valuable experience from the Arctic roads.  In the pictures you see a little sneak peak at another mod I'm making, stay tuned for that!  Some might say Finnish Lancer Evo X skins are like London buses, you'll wait for one and then another comes immediately after. Keep an eye out for Janne's Desings blogspot in the near future ;) Download link is different for Hungarian plugin drivers and Czech plugin drivers. The car folder name is different for some reason, otherwise the packages are the same. The zip file includes NGPCarMenu preview pictur

SKIN - Ville Hanhisuanto / Matias Toppinen - Arctic Rally Finland 2021 - Ford Fiesta Rally2

Hello again!  I made the skin of Ville Hanhisuanto from the Arctic Rally. They were the first Finnish pair to drive a Fiesta Rally2 in a WRC event.  This was also the first WRC rally for the pair.  They finished the rally in a respectable 13th position in the RC2 class.     This time the blog photographer found his way to the rally shakedown stage Vennivaara. The stage is yet to be officially released by BTBfin in RBR, but keep an eye out for it.    > > > > DOWNLOAD < < < < The download package includes the preview images for your installation. You just need to extract the package to the main folder.             EDIT: Updated link to v2 because the external dynamic texture was missing. If you downloaded the earlier version, you'll have white rims instead of black.    Big thanks to Ville himself for helping with the logos! 

SKIN - Kristian Sohlberg / Timo Hantunen - Neste Rally Finland 2005 - Subaru Impreza S9 WRC

Hello! The former Finnish WRC driver Kristian Sohlberg recently started driving RBR so I felt I had to make this skin of his from the Rally Finland 2005. You should check out his Twitch channel by the name of "OfficialKristianSohlberg".  The rally started on Friday with him fighting for top10 stage times on every stage in a very competitive entry list of 22 WRC cars. Unfortunately for him the fight ended in a crash early on Saturday morning in the Vaheri stage. > > > > DOWNLOAD < < < < NOTE! The download package includes the preview pictures if you have a Rallysimfans installation. You just have to extract the Sohlberg.7z file to your main folder.  ANOTHER NOTE! This skin only works on the Kazhol model of the Impreza so if you have an installation that doesn't use that model it will not work. Bonus: Here is one picture I took of the car in the service park as a 9 year old :) 

SKIN - Sami Pajari / Enni Mälkönen - Arctic Rally Finland 2021 - Ford Fiesta Rally4

  Hello! This time I recreated the livery of Sami Pajari from the Arctic Rally.  Sami won the RC4 class in dominant fashion beating Lauri Joona by over 2 minutes, winning the class on all but two stages.  The pictures are taken on the upcoming 20 km Kaihuavaara stage by BTBfin & Justup. It's going to an awesome stage in Rallysimfans plugin, I can't wait for it to be published. Check out BTBfin's other projects  here . DOWNLOAD