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SKINS - TGR WRC Challenge drivers - Renault Clio Rally4 - Pohjanmaa ralli 2022

 Back with a bang! Just one proper picture this time but I made sure it's a good one :) Last weekend saw the debut of three promising Japanese drivers on Finnish rally roads. Yuki Yamamoto, Nao Otake and Hikaru Kogure all started their journey to the top of the rally pyramid in the Finnish championship event SM Pohjanmaa Ralli. They all drive equal Clio Rally4 cars provided by the TGS team. Yamamoto had the best debut, finishing 4th in the SM4 class. Kogure finished just behind him in 5th and a technical problem halted Otake's progress early in the rally.  < < < DOWNLOAD > > > NOTE: All skins are in the same package. Extract the .7z pack into the main RBR folder. Switch drivers by going to RBR/Cars/Renault_ClioIV_Rally4/textures and switching the files from the driver folders to the textures folder.  ANOTHER NOTE: it's very important that you use the .ini settings files provided in the package. The car will not look the same without them. Just extract the